…and butterflies but really moths, are what I created today. I like the three of them stacked together and the muted colours quite a bit. I need quite a bit of practice I think, but that will be fun!

Butterflies are all sort of related to change and transformation whereas moths are more about clarity it seems (amongst other things). I kind of like the idea of combining them- butteroth or mothafly perhaps?

I got these guys done in between all the academic subjects and dinner and that in itself is a miracle today as time was scarce.

I think they might be a new obsession for a while. They were absorbing and mindful but most of my painting is now-a-days.

Did you create today? Want to share because I love to see!


What a busy and wonderful start to September! The kiddos are leaping into the academics and all that stuff with great persistence and energy and their hard work is already showing. It’s certainly a wonderful feeling in our house despite the newer early mornings and fuller Monday-Wednesdays.

A variation on last week’s lesson (week one in September).

I’m most enjoying journalling together and that we are making real space for art and creating. I think I am finally finding a groove that suits us and we are sticking to it too!

Last week we played with gesture drawing and the grid method plus tie dying canvas bags. This week we have been making lino cuts. My youngest made the most awesome owl which we test printed onto some fabric yesterday.

B’s Linocut Owl Print on Cotton Fabric.

My new, monthly watercolour class has started (1st week in September) and I am getting some amazing support, lovely feed back and seeing people having a go and popping up their work is a great feeling!

I wanted it to be affordable and set a price of £5 for a month(it’s £6 with VAT if you pay it even though I’m too small a business to pay VAT because it’s digital it’s automatic). You get a lovely PDF where I chat about the theme, mindfulness, my supplies, my practice of mindful watercolour and links to the 4 monthly videos and the bonus page.

Every month you get a guaranteed full taught video lesson and 3 speed lessons. Some months these speed videos may be real time or even taught sessions (October is going to have 3 videos that have taught elements with me talking you through and all real time as it really suits the pages and techniques). You will also get bonus videos so far this month there are 2 but I have one more videoed showing what i do with my leftover paint.

In the facebook group each week I post up the lesson finished page picture on Monday then throughout the week I pop up two more pages showing where I went next. These show how to change it up with a different colour, shape, focus in on a part or some other interesting variation on the Monday page.

This means that members of the group who don’t have the paid for class can still join in, which was important to me, using the photos as inspiration.

We also have weekly threads for ‘Whooping’ and celebrating where we’ve been especially successful or mindful that week, a gratitude thread and a weekly Q and A. Q and A is where you can ask anything you need to about watercolours, mindfulness and I will give you my best answer as will others in the group.

If you want to check it out, the Face Book Group is here and the class is over on Etsy which you can find here.

I’ve been digging into my thoughts about mindfulness and judgement the last couple of days and I’m starting to get a better handle on what it really means to me which might make an interesting blog post, but not today!


…that’s how I feel this morning. There’s a feeling all through my body that is hopeful. Like the smile after a deep breath.

We arrived at our lovely cottage just outside Bude yesterday and visited the sea-a must for arrival day! We got super close to a cute little sandpiper too! We enjoyed fish and chips for tea and some local ciders.

Oddly today it was much easier to journal and write my gratitudes and intentions for the day as well as create a little piece of mindful watercolour, inspired by a photo from yesterday. Maybe it was the company at the big table or more probably the lack of a computer to mindlessly scroll.

Breakfast and dice games were a joyous start to the day with much laughter. Off out to get pasties (it is Cornwall after all) and then there may be otters!!!


Today I did some mindful watercolours. After digging in deep over the last couple of days with techniques for really meeting yourself on the page in BOD with Effy Wild I needed some soothing. This meditative, mindful practice is that for me.

And I do feel soothed. More centred. More at ease. Maybe this is a way for me.

I am enjoying sitting down with the kiddos playing Mario Kart and chatting.

Ben is growing mushrooms….look how big….

He’s feeling the shroom love….in a garlic buttery way!

This is a lesson inspired by Effy Wild’s Book of Days lessons this month. It has writing under, over and in between. Sitting with the feeling of missing someone…..someone who is still out there in the world just not in mine.

Time for bed…

It was busy.

There were halogens and noble gases, quadratic graphs LCM and HCF, spellings and volumes, Latin, cooking dog walking and arting. Picnic packing, more cooking, journal writing, switch playing, pictograms and soon there will be sleep.

Look what we made…..

Ok, so Robax make an awesome circular palette that turns and it is luscious….but for me in the uk to get it would be over £200 with customs. Which right now is money I don’t have.

So I needed something so I could have my paints all together and accessible….. lazy Susan, glue and magnetic tape.

My Hubby sat with me to make this-because if super glue is involved I need help or I stick myself to stuff!

So it’s not perfect, the pans move a little when I’m getting paint but we have possible fixes and it’s heaps better than having 3 palettes out! I need many more magnets but as a prototype costing under £32 currently……not bad!

I did not blog because, 2 nights in a row I fell asleep. Last night I was watching discovery of witches with my other half and we were both tired and I was asleep before I remembered I needed to blog.

The good thing, rather than feeling bad and oh no about it…I feel like it’s cool because I can blog up to the third of may and my birthday will be my las blog of the blog along-which is awesome I think!

There has been working with kids, arting, friends, clearing ivy from roof of MILs, seeing End Game at the cinema and nerf battles!

A boot so full of nerf….

I love this, it’s where I sat whilst the kids set up for nerf.

Setting out glass and re-spawn points.

Playing with rainbows….not sure where next…

Playing around with rainbow shrooms…

Who came first, the teacher or the learner?

A lovely day, I’ve arted a lot. In-between everything else. The Multi-day spread format Effy taught this month in BoD’s is ideal for this.

I finished up my MDS (with lots of elements from my mindful watercolours group and mushrooms from my very first online class (check out this to enter to win a free spot) plus ferns inspired by Danielle Donaldson and Effy’s lovely doodles and the circle layout.) I love to learn. I think the best teachers are learners still.

I also had another art date and got my Rumi lesson (A year of Rumi with Effy Wild) for April done. I’m challenging myself to create each fo the 13 spreads as 8×8″ squares using just water based supplies and mainly watercolour paints.

This one used dimensional ground, transparent watercolour ground-so I could use collage elements and paint over them and a stencil with a 3D effect. I actually stuck visually close to the lesson this month I think….I did love those birds. I didn’t use college paper underneath but I built a tree shape using old pieces of watercolour art from my scrap pouch. I embraced using metallic and iridescent paints (watercolours for me) fully and love how it shimmers in real life.

I think I created a lots of texture and layers and depth….all with watercolours (and a little pencil and white gel pen). I also rubbed out the guidelines for the text! The words of this quote spoke to me today…I think maybe because I’m feeling the after-anxiety of putting a class I created out there for sale (check it out here) and right now the inner gremlins are mocking the sheer audacity of me to think anyone would be interested.

I love to teach (I taught full time for years before I had kids and then taught part time, went back after a break, taught workshops, taught teachers and woven through that is finding my love of art and art teaching.). I love the lightbulb moments. I love sharing, I love facilitating. I also love ideas…and thinking of lots of them…but that’s a whole other story. So even if only 1 person buys my class (1 person has bought my class) I still did it. I know it’s good. That needs to be enough.

I do not need to seek out the approval of all and sundry to seek reassurance, assurances because I know it, down deep. I do not. If I repeat it enough maybe it will stick. My own voice tells me-I just need to listen. Maybe I won’t be an overnight success. Maybe I won’t be a success at all but it done’t make me not a good teacher. It makes me undiscovered perhaps, unfound as yet. Believing in myself is hard but I will succeed at it! I will.

Another old poem…..

Sometimes my heart breaks and my mind can’t stretch
To comprehend
The universe
The pain
The loss
The corrupt evil meanness of this existence
Sometimes my heart sings and my mind can’t wrap itself
Around the
Sheer joy of it all
The generosity
The caring
The laughter
Sometimes my heart stills and my mind floats
On the serenity of it all
The love
The belonging
The living