Who came first, the teacher or the learner?

A lovely day, I’ve arted a lot. In-between everything else. The Multi-day spread format Effy taught this month in BoD’s is ideal for this.

I finished up my MDS (with lots of elements from my mindful watercolours group and mushrooms from my very first online class (check out this to enter to win a free spot) plus frees inspired by Danielle Donaldson and Effy’s lovely doodles and the circle layout.) I love to learn. I think the best teachers are learners still.

I also had another art date and got my Rumi lesson (A year of Rumi with Effy Wild) for April done. I’m challenging myself to create each fo the 13 spreads as 8×8″ squares using just water based supplies and mainly watercolour paints.

This one used dimensional ground, transparent watercolour ground-so I could use collage elements and paint over them and a stencil with a 3D effect. I actually stuck visually close to the lesson this month I think….I did love those birds. I didn’t use college paper underneath but I built a tree shape using old pieces of watercolour art from my scrap pouch. I embraced using metallic and iridescent paints (watercolours for me) fully and love how it shimmers in real life.

I think I created a lots of texture and layers and depth….all with watercolours (and a little pencil and white gel pen). I also rubbed out the guidelines for the text! The words of this quote spoke to me today…I think maybe because I’m feeling the after-anxiety of putting a class I created out there for sale (check it out here) and right now the inner gremlins are mocking the sheer audacity of me to think anyone would be interested.

I love to teach (I taught full time for years before I had kids and then taught part time, went back after a break, taught workshops, taught teachers and woven through that is finding my love of art and art teaching.). I love the lightbulb moments. I love sharing, I love facilitating. I also love ideas…and thinking of lots of them…but that’s a whole other story. So even if only 1 person buys my class (1 person has bought my class) I still did it. I know it’s good. That needs to be enough.

I do not need to seek out the approval of all and sundry to seek reassurance, assurances because I know it, down deep. I do not. If I repeat it enough maybe it will stick. My own voice tells me-I just need to listen. Maybe I won’t be an overnight success. Maybe I won’t be a success at all but it done’t make me not a good teacher. It makes me undiscovered perhaps, unfound as yet. Believing in myself is hard but I will succeed at it! I will.

Another old poem…..

Sometimes my heart breaks and my mind can’t stretch
To comprehend
The universe
The pain
The loss
The corrupt evil meanness of this existence
Sometimes my heart sings and my mind can’t wrap itself
Around the
Sheer joy of it all
The generosity
The caring
The laughter
Sometimes my heart stills and my mind floats
On the serenity of it all
The love
The belonging
The living

Mindful Watercolour Induced Calm

Today has been a day where I really valued my mindful practice and lost myself in creating the multi-day spread that is part of this month’s BOD’s lessons over at Effy Wild’s awesome smorgasbord of art journaling fun.

The little ferns are very much inspired by Danielle Donaldson. The rest is a selection from all the different mindful practices and pages I have created this year.

There is a lot more to do with pencil and pen and paint pen but no more tonight as the page is covered in salt!

I also created this gorgeous spiral in my mindful watercolour journal:

And I am finally somewhere near ready to go to bed and sleep. Night all!

Mindful Mushrooms Watercolour Giveaway

My first self-paced online class is ready. Well more accurately it is on sale! Remember those cute red and white mushrooms? It’s a step by step to create those. Not only that, there are two bonus videos! One speed painting of purple mushrooms and one creating a second mindful page using up your left over paint. You can find it for sale here.

You get downloadable videos, a full step by step PDF, a speed version of the lesson and I’m available for support and cheerleading via the class FB group or email!

Did I mention it was super cute shrooms?

I tied myself in knots over the pricing and trying to figure out Etsy fees and PayPal fees arrived at £10 and then Etsy added on an extra £2 because it is a digital download and that has automatic VAT in some countries (I need to know more about this stuff I guess). So it is priced at £12.

If you’d like to win this class I am running a giveaway. To enter, you simply need to leave me a comment. If you share on FB or InstaGram let me know in your comment and I will pop your name in twice or thrice!

Today has been working on my first online class. I’ve got all the videos edited down and half uploaded. I’ve got the web page set up and working and the listing on Etsy too. I’ve just found that I’ve lost a bonus video so I’m hoping to re-film it tomorrow. Luckily it was a speed bonus so I don’t need quiet, just a bit of time. The pdfs are uploaded, the access message done…..I’m getting closer…..

I was playing today I don’t love how it looks, but the feeling of it-that I love.

My youngest kiddo made me giggle so I will leave you with the picture to see if it tickles you too…

Yes it is an actual dairy milk bar with chocolate in it…..

Single pigment paints and Mezze feasts.

It’s a super quick one because I’m off on a date! He’s a super guy and he smells divine, he apparently has plans for later…..which is good after being together for nearly 29 years! we are off to a highly recommended Greek restaurant and plan on having the mezze feast!

This is this weeks mindful watercolour lesson over on the FB group. Would you like to see the video here on the blog too?

I have rearranged my paints (well my watercolours) so that all the single pigment paints are in one palette and the gemstone and other favourites are in another. I’m really interested to see if there is any difference in the clarity or vibrancy of the colours using just single pigments.

I can’t settle on an arrangement for my paints that I like. I drool over the Robax palette…the big spinning one!

Right. I’m drinking some water so I don’t eat until we get there….I’m rather peckish!

So, I’m blogging from outside, on my phone. In the newly tidied garden…

It’s the full moon so we have a fire and I have my list of forgivenesses and gratitudes to release and burn. Outside in the garden is way more atmospheric than on a tray on the cooker under the extractor fan!

My younger has joined me and we have been watching the bats, building the fire and he has a list to burn too.

we can’t see the moon but the fairy lights look awesome. Do you do anything for full moon?

Butterflies and Feathers

Today has been fun with friends round. Much playing, dog walking and chatting. It’s late and I’m tired. So I am trying for brevity, trying!

We saw 2 bats tonight as we were putting fairy lights on the apple tree (which has blossom already). The tree looks pretty and it makes me smile to have fairy lights-makes everyone smile actually.

I got a little art done today. A journal place in my watercolour art journalling play book based around gratitudes. Partly because it’s that time of the moon cycle and partly because it was a common theme in my new moon tarot card pulls. I used something called lift aid with different intentions in mind and I found out lift aid means rulers (erasers) don’t work on pencil.

I had to try and lift some line with water (which worked well). As this would reactivate all the watercolours I’d put on, I darkened everything up instead and did much heavier outlining and shading with charcoal than I had intended.

Watercolour and Art Journalling

So, last night before I went to bed I made a wet in wet background, complete with salt with the intention that I would use it this morning for journalling. I opted for journalling in Tombows, with the writing criss crossing. I added some more wet in wet then a spiral to which I added shading and line work. I finished with some words that kind of said where I was at the end of journalling I guess. This is me meeting myself on the page, using watercolours. Fun, yes? There are layers which was really my intent.

The words read: I opened my eyes and saw that the cracks were being mended with our gold and imperfections added to its beauty and my heart sang.

Went for a walk with eldest kiddo and bought back some plants and middle and youngest kiddos helped plant up 4 hanging baskets and a pat…hopefully they will add a little colour.

I was pulling a set of cards for my new moon, a bit late, a week or so ago and all of them had the theme of gratitude. I jotted does if I had time or a bigger journal I’d do a spread with feathers. So I started that today…i think I will glaze over with blues or include blues somehow.

This is the messy, ugly duck stage of it all…they’re well salted feathers!

Both of these pages include and sort of build on mindful watercolours and will, but the time they’re done include meditative/mindful parts as well as meeting me and my feelings on a page…..I’m liking moving in this direction a lot. I’m liking my playbook too.

Today's Poem.....
Nothing more miserable
Than a day without you
A week where I cannot hear your voice
A month where I cannot see your hands
A season where I cannot feel your touch
A year where I cannot hold you close
A time when I cannot know you are there for me and I for you
Nothing more miserable
Than the thought of a day without you

I love moving water….is that why I love watercolours?

Totally unrelated to the post title….

This was a moment. I can’t picture it exactly but when I read the words, the feeling comes back. I think most parents have been in this moment once or twice

Early morning lazy loving
Sleepy kisses
Gentle hands and fingers
Lie back
Desire brushes away the cobwebs and heralds a new day
Children’s laughter brings a wry smile
Just one more moment
Not a chance
Footsteps scamper and knocks tap against the door
A flurry of activity
Good morning cuddles
A shared smile
A silent promise

Todays creating has focused a lot on creating a garden space that we can use, that we might want to sit in and paint in and enjoy. We did a lot. It looks better. Next some colourful plants…I’d like the sound of moving water too but not sure that’s doable right now.

I worked on some mindful watercolours (see relating to the post title a little more), painted some more on the butterflies and two pages in my mindful journaling ideas book.

These two are possible spaces for journalling…so you create as a mindful watercolour but can use them as journalling spaces. I sort of like the idea of a book that looks prettier inside than my journal but I write a lot to empty my head and dig into the why’s and wants of what I’m feeling. Because of this, I struggle with how to combine that journalling with watercolour and not head for acrylics and gesso where you can cover much. The push and pull and pushing back layers is very different with watercolours too for me.

I want to mingle art journalling and watercolours more but I struggle because I often want to start with words first….so I have some new supplies to help with that…..they arrived today!

Often my art journal pages have lots of symbolism and meanings hidden within them and there is a lot of thinking behind them and planning and then I paint and different stuff intuitively happens. I want more of that and I have lots of ideas I want to explore for creating layers in watercolours and textures and incorporating collage but still having watercolours play like watercolours. I’m exploring grounds and different mediums to see how they can help me achieve some of the ideas in my head with different water-colour fish media (watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, gouache, liquid watercolours, Neocolours, Inktense, Tombows, watercolour ground, texture paste, mediums, sponges, Lyra graphite pencils, Stabilo all pencils….and fixative, are things I have that I can play with….any other suggestions for watery based media happily received in the comments please!)