Spray Inks

So i’ve had a few days of not creating and surprise, surprise, my mood and general ‘feel-good factor’ dipped….hence create EVERY day!  So Inspired but the memory of a tutorial on Quirky Birds creating a background with stencils and spray inks…..

I love quirky, whimsical and even imaginary creatures so the Sennelier Accordian book that is sitting on my shelf was perfect for this little project…..a book of quirky birds (may be animals not just birds).  Step one is creating a background on both sides of the book that flows from one page to another.

One small hitch…..no spray inks…..hmmmm not to be thwarted…….a hunt oround uncovered some empty mini spray bottles and coloured drawing ink.


I mixed up some viridian and bright yellow to make a lime green and added water (the pipettes from the science drawer were very handy!); I had a kind of royal blue that I added viridian green and yellow to to make a kind of teal colour and a purple that I just watered down a little.

It was great fun but I may have gone a little OTT…..I added some splatters of white acrylic ink then because I had it handy I sprinkled salt onto the wet ink portions……I can’t wait to see how it looks when it is dry in the morning…then onto the reverse….some layers of gesso and quirky creating can begin!

So It was pretty dark…..the colours that is.  I did the other side using a mixture then popped some cling film over the top and kind of smooshed it around to give a texture to the papers.


Once the pages were dry (which was this evening), I added some clear gesso and white gesso.  I used white to lighten it a little and the gesso is to give me a good surface to paint and draw on…..More waiting for that layer to dry!


Finally…..creating the first quirky bird……For the next one I will try some step by step pics but here he is finished and the first page done!

I used Neocolour II water colour crayons, a bit of white acrylic, 5B pencil and a white post pen.  I would have added some more white detailing but the Posca pen is on the fritz……white blobs or no ink.  I think he needs an awesome name or a quote…….


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