Pumpkins and then some…

….that’s the name of the ATC swap I’ve been working on this afternoon.

For the uninitiated, ATC stands for artist trading cards.  They are roughly the size of a playing card (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches or 6.4cmx8.9cm).  They are mini works of art that are traded with other artists, never bought or sold (ACEO’s are the same size but sold).

Artist Trading Cards For All is a swapping site where you can upload images of your cards and swap individually or join various organised swaps where you post in cards by a deadline and the host swaps them and posts your new cards back out to you.

The great thing about them is they are fairly small so they are a manageable project, the tricky thing about them is…they’re fairly small so adding detail needs a steady hand and a fine brush!  The site is really supportive of people at all stages of the art journey and there are swaps for different medias, collage, hand drawn and hand painted (which is my fav.) and some where anything goes.


This little lot are for a swap where your card includes a pumpkin and something else….it can be weird and wonderful, cute, gory, anything as long as it’s not just a pumpkin.




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