First Girl of 2017

This was completed using tutorials form Lifebook 2017.  I am planning on working on nose shading and mouth and adding some details so she’s not quite finished yet.  I need to add a word or phrase onto her to take into 2017 and figure out how I am going to add the words that were on stars in a basket (as a pocket) on the front….I feel like as my paper was smaller there wasn’t room for the basket.

As I’ve not really done any drawing and painting of girls for over a month and she is fairly big (between A4 and A3) I am fairly happy with her.  I love, love, love the colours and although I tried to use neocolours I ended up using my Winsor and Newton watercolours because I just love the turquoise, rose madder, cerulean blue combo!  Then I used neo-coloyrsb for backgrounds and the aura around her.

I loved the tutorial-I do need to take the time to stop and re-watch as I go along for the bits where i want to focus on improving….I was very pleased that I did a decent fix on what turned out to be quite wonky eyes once I’d added colour.

This is the first big art I’ve done in a while and despite being very tired (thanks to sleeping downstairs stopping the dog from barking) I feel pretty energised (well I’m blogging and not asleep and I am a 8-10 hrs sleep or I’m a zombie kind of gal!).  I’m not going to talk through the process as it is from a paid for tutorial but I’ve popped up my step by step pictures so you can see it taking shape.


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