I have been working on a class with Suzi Blu; via her patreon page.  She really inspired me, I couldn’t master the face using watercolour pencils and acrylics so I will be coming back to that-I’ve ordered a selection of polychromos and prismacolour recommended in her supply list.

It is a big piece…in fact it is ins pieces lol.  The more I am working on it the more it is telling me.  I know that sounds a bit ‘out there’ but honestly it is.

The more I work on this the more I see……like I was having a conversation with my other half about dreams yesterday…..(not the sleep kind the how I want to add to the universe, make the world a better place kind) and I was struggling to think of MY dreams……her hair is like a flowing river to me…like the dreams that have flowed away from me and now there is my hare and dream catcher. The hare has so much symbology (ooo i wasn’t sure that was a word ) there that my subconscious has picked up on….like aiming for dreams and not letting anything get in our path; that it’s OK to be solitary; their link with art….it’s like somehow I’m putting me into a painting but without actually knowing me or understang these things about me…..

I am liking the way it is coming together but there’s lots more to do!

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