I love learning new things!  IN fact one of my weaknesses is I don’t like to repeat the same thing twice as I get easily bored….a recent workshop/training session with a school was a challenge in that sense because I did the same workshop 6 times over 3 days so that everyone in the school could be work with me to develop their teaching of drawing…but it was good fun as each group was different!

Anyway…..I digress… this month I am taking a class with Mindy Lacefield-My Watercolour Journal.  I love her whimsical style faces, their looseness and the way she uses lines and I love watercolours…..I don’t love journals…..they make me panic…in a way that a canvas doesn’t.  I think its because I worry about having a page I hate, making a hole or whatever…what I am discovering is that it’s OK…I can fix most things, work with them and learn a lot…but also collage paper, gesso and matt medium are my best friends when I don’t like something :0)

I’ve had a titchy Moleskine journal (watercolour paper) lying about waiting for something to fill it.  At first I thought about doing different eyes and noses etc in there but didn’t.  Well after Mindy’s last few lessons creating little pixies, fairies and girls it has found it’s place as I am practicing and filling it with my different attempts, ideas and most of all my playing around with what she’s teaching us and things form other classes too.


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