Humming Bird

…..I tried to take photos at different stages when I remembered……


I’m so pleased with the humming bird I made it makes me smile to look at it.  It was week 2’s lesson from Tam over at Willowing for the year long Lifebook2017 .  I made it for my hubby to hang in his office, he chose words to hide under the feathers and I also added them using a posca pen to make a border.

I deviated from the lesson with the paper feathers because I worked on top of them using watercolour paints and then watercolour pencils and some copic markers in places.  I also used a graphite pencil to shade and smudge as I like the effect it gives.

A sketch a day…

I grabbed out my sketchbook from last year, when I first started to work on faces.  I had tried to draw a face as often as I could if I wasn’t working on a face as an ATC or a bigger piece.  Like with everything practice helps.  So whilst playing Rimworld (my newest little game addiction) I worked on sketching some faces.  It was good fun.  I don’t put shading in or that much detail, it’s about getting he general form for me.  What I do love about these sketches is that I can use them as actual pieces (my aurora girl was one).

I’ve been enjoying working in my little notebook, for the mini-moley-daily challenge over on FaceBook.

My notebook pages are very thin so I am collaging on at least one side.  I’m trying hard not to overthink them and just to play, do what takes my fancy and see where it ends up.

I, like lots of people, don’t much like my handwriting so initially I tried vellum quotes and rub ons-which I’m sure I will use gain.  But then I pinterested some lettering tutorials and ideas and printed out a few font alphabets……If I think of lettering like drawing a shape it starts to work a bit better.  This is definitely something I want to work on more this year.  These were done with a Faber Castel Brush pen (it was waterproof) over gessoed mixed media backgrounds.  The colour comes form a mix of neocolour crayons, watercolour paints and copic markers.

It’s been a creative old week.  This weeks prompts form Lifebook 2017 were a mixed media humming bird and making affirmation cards.  My humming bird wanted to be a crow….

a rainbow crow!  I want to go back to the humming bird lesson and get a humming bird this time, hopefully over the weekend!

I used neocolour crayons and watercolours initially but found them not intense enough for the crow.  I added another layer of neocolour crayons but this time smudged them with my finger rather than wetting them-it gave a lovely intensity.

I used a mix of paynes grey and vandyke brown for the background and then splatter with acrylic paint and edging using gesso and ink.

Lots of creating going on…..Portal for the journal 52 challenge…..5 mini pages in a mini moleskine sized notebook for mini-mopey-daily plus word of the year cards for our Home Ed Art Swap Group.

I’ve just spent an hour or so happily sitting putting magnetic strip on my watercolour pans to reorganise them into a metal tin so they take up a little less space and all have a home.  I’ve organised the coloured crayons into groups of colours I use together and generally tidied up my little arty desk ready for more.

She’s Finished!

15895001_10212018682291487_7001871494731254185_nI knew the northern lights would be bought in when I saw that Tam had called it star girl-there is something about them at the end of last year and this that sing to me. I added in the symbol from the warm up and a pocket on her dress filled with pencils.

Art wise I’ve learned a lot….I love smudging neocolour crayons with my fingers….it’s OK to use my much loved watercolours….that I prefer eyes that are flatter on the bottom…that posca pens are both awesome and arghhhhhhh…but mostly awesome.

On a deeper level I’m seeing things now I’ve finished that are important to me, but feel more important this year…..the purple and white….crown and 3rd eye…developing spiritually…conversations have just seemed to drift that way the last few days with a very old school friend and I arranging to meet and craft and during that conversation her wanting to try reiki (which I felt pulled to around 9 years ago and did training to master level).

The feathers….they are crows feathers….I see them everywhere at the moment. in 2015 and some of 2016 it was wood pigeons (symbol of creativity)…..and the triquetra….there’s something relevant about 3… birthday is on the 3rd but it may be moving life phase too…..there is a lot there still to discover.

But she is moving, she is doing….which is what I need this year. She reminds me to be present in every moment so that I can see and appreciate the abundance that surrounds me (that’s what I wrote on the pocket).

Whilst my inner critic has things they would change, don’t like from a technical point of view…they are also quieted by her..they too know she’s saying important stuff. Thanks Tamara Laporte for helping me do something that is so much more than a pretty picture, something that has me and meaning in it.